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Easy Tiger | Incense

Cinnamon Projects

In Tantric Buddhism, the tiger is a powerful symbol of the transformative process into wisdom and insight. Balanced like the Yin and Yang energy, Easy Tiger incense is a deep yet airy blend that envelopes you in it’s tantalizing aroma. Notes of amber, champaca, leather and palo santo induce a meditative and relaxing experience. Created to inspire and designed for ritual, the meticulously crafted Cinnamon Projects fragrances and incense exude elegance and luxury. Features 25 Japanese Style incense sticks.

How To Use

Ignite a single, or double sides of the incense. Gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning. Your incense should glow and emit a delicate wisp of fragrant smoke. Place in an appropriate burner, and enjoy the aromatic experience around your home or while meditating.


Notes of amber, champaca, leather, and palo santo. Hand-blended with premium ingredients in NYC