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Relax | Hand Wash

Campo Beauty

Wash away germs and impurities and experience the soothing benefits of aromatherapy with Campo Beauty's nourishing Relax essential oil Hand Wash. Soothe your senses with a 100% natural essential oil blend of lavender, orange & cedarwood. Free from harsh artificial ingredients, synthetic preservatives, detergents and foaming agents. Campo Beauty believes that choosing natural doesn't mean sacrificing quality - unleash the active beauty benefits of quality aromatherapy oils and weave the power of scent into your life to escape the stress of the modern world.

How To Use

Dispense into hands and lather with water. Then rinse & dry hands to feel cleansed.


Organic Saponified* Coconut,  Olive & Jojoba Oils, Vegetable Glycerin,  Organic Guar Gum, Fir Essential Oil, Pine Essential Oil, Rosemary Extract, Organic Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus Essential Oil.  *No Potassium Hydroxide remains after organic oils are saponified into soap & glycerin.