Elevated Restoration

solar bath

As the summer months are fleeting and autumn is rapidly approaching, we take a moment to appreciate the energy of Leo season. Leo exudes brilliance, courage, confidence, creativity and the ability to step into our highest potential. If you are dealing with a low vibration due to extended periods of introversion and solitude, basking in the radiance of our home star may help to uplift your spirit while recharging your physical and mental body. A great way to align with the majestic Leo frequency is through our Solar Bath Ritual. With a few mindful steps, you can reconnect to the light that exists above you and within. 


  • Improves your sleep habits — Sunbathing helps your body to produce a healthy amount of melatonin which is needed for a restful, rejuvenating sleep. 
  • Reduces stress levels — Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the release of the hormone serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for regulating our moods and assists in helping you to remain calm and focused throughout the day (also making sunlight exposure vital in the cooler months when possible).
  • Maintains Inner wellness — Sunlight stimulates the production of Vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D aids in absorbing calcium, stimulates hair growth and strengthens your immune system which reduces the risk of diseases and infections. 
  • An undeniably sexy, Sun kissed glow — With proper moisturization and protection, spending time in the sunlight nourishes our skin with essential nutrients and promotes a healthy, radiant complexion. 

    The Ritual

    To prepare for your Solar Bath Ritual, identify a sunlit space where you feel comfortable enough to close your eyes and relax. A quiet place at home with large, open windows, an intimate patio area where there is ample sunlight, or a natural environment like the beach where you can reconnect with the elements, are all ideal for this illuminating cleanse. As we begin our Solar Bath, remember there is no right or wrong way to connect with your inner light. Do what feels intuitively natural and use our ritual as a form of inspiration and guidance. 


    • Start your Solar Bath with sufficient hydration and a protective skin treatment. Drinking water is necessary for inner clarity and regulating the body’s temperature, while applying a quality SPF will shield your skin from UV damage. 
    • Settle into a position that allows the sunlight to wash your face and body with it’s healing rays. Close your eyes, greet the Solar element with appreciation and meditate on growth, abundance, prosperity, joy and balance. Take a deep inhale and allow your body to be connected to the light that is showering you with unconditional warmth. 
    • As your breath becomes steady and deep, feel any tension you are holding onto, dissipating from your body then flowing out through your hands and feet. 
    • Practice positive affirmations to improve your confidence and remember that all is well in the flow of the universe. Affirmations that are perfect for Leo season includes: I am present, I am light, I am aware, I am confident, I celebrate myself, I am following my heart, I am safe to express my creativity. Feel free to use these affirmations or create your own that align with the energy you want to harness into your life. 
    • Visualize and feel the vibration you want to create. Having positive thoughts and being in a space of appreciation will help you call in positive and fulfilling experiences into your life.
    • End your ritual with gratitude for the Sun’s nurturing warmth and guiding light. 

      The Essentials

      Compliment your Solar Bath Ritual with radiant skincare and inner wellness essentials that enhances your natural glow while protecting you from UV Damage. 


      • The Beauty Chef Hydration Inner Beauty Boost — enhancing the flavor profile of your water with a brilliant elixir like the Beauty Chef’s Hydration Inner Beauty Boost. Crafted with delicious coconut, cucumber water and finger lime, the beauty blend restores electrolyte balance, supports cellular hydration and provides your skin with a youthful luminosity. 
      • Anima Mundi’s Golden Sun Milk — If you are planning your Solar Bath for the morning hours, Anima Mundi’s Golden Sun Milk will give you the extra boost of energy you need to feel awake and focused. 
      • Nuori Mineral Defence Sunscreen with SPF 30 — An all-natural sunscreen for the face and body that is easy to apply for a seamless finish. Proven to protect skin against premature aging delivers also a high dose of botanical nourishment and antioxidant protection. 
      • We love Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Sun drops with SPF 50, a luxurious sun serum that doubles as a restorative treatment and defense from both UVA and UVB rays. Formulated with antioxidative ingredients that are anti-aging and prevent irritation. 
      • The BYNACHT Reverse Sun Radical Recovery Serum — Before you go to bed, replenish your skin with the Reverse Sun Radical Recovery Serum. Deeply moisturize and repair after a day in the sun and work to combat signs of aging including sunspots, wrinkles, and dryness. You will wake up the next morning with skin that feels restored and renewed with a gorgeous summer glow.