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7 AM | Incense

Cinnamon Projects

Cosmic, Ethereal and Soul Awakening, Cinnamon Projects 7 AM Incense, is a meditative blend of black tea, clay, driftwood and marigold that will create a sense of peace in your aura and surroundings. Designed as a part of the Series 01 Accords, these fragrances are distinct, enigmatic and sensorial; conceived to engage and heighten presence and connection to experience of time and place. - Cinnamon Projects. Features 25 Japanese Style incense sticks.

How To Use

Ignite a single, or double sides of the incense. Gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning. Your incense should glow and emit a delicate wisp of fragrant smoke. Place in an appropriate burner, and enjoy the aromatic experience around your home or while meditating.


Notes of black tea, clay, driftwood, and marigold. Hand-blended with premium ingredients in NYC