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Golden Saffron

Wunder Workshop

Golden Saffron, also known as "Red gold", is renowned for having many health benefits which makes it a highly sought after commodity. Popular for its potential aphrodisiac properties, Golden Saffron is also useful as an antioxidant, and an aid for weight loss. The natural spice holds an incredible aroma, and the vibrant yellow colour adds both depth and delight to an array of sweet or savoury recipes. Wunder Workshop’s Golden Saffron is Ethically sourced from Herat, Afghanistan. Golden Saffron grown in Herat is a vital source of legitimate employment in the country - in particular for women, who typically have fewer opportunities to earn an income in the rural areas. The golden threads of Saffron hold more than just an enchanting and powerful aromatic flavour, they also support women, their families and marginalised entrepreneurs who have been affected by instability.

How To Use

Grind and add to hot water before adding to rice and baking.



100% Premium Grade Saffron Threads