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Hand Sanitizer


Protect against bacteria and viruses with LINNÉ’s Hand Sanitizer, a natural purifying solution that is free from harmful preservatives, methanol, triclosan, synthetics and unnecessary texturizing agents. Formulated with an herbaceous blend of organic eucalyptus, tea tree, cedarwood, lavandin grosso and peppermint, the hand sanitizer is refreshing, bright, woodsy and uplifting to the senses. Made from high-grade ethyl alcohol, moisturizing glycerin and antiseptic hydrogen peroxide, the formula is safe for frequent use and helps to reverse bacteria resistance.

How To Use

Apply generously to dry clean hands.


80% alcohol, glycerin (from VEGETABLE oils), hydrogen peroxide, EUCALYPTUS) essential oil**, Cedrus atlantica (ATLAS CEDAR)*, Melaleuca alternifolia (TEA TREE) essential oil*, Lavandin grosso (LAVENDER) essential oil**, Mentha x piperita L. (PEPPERMINT) leaf essential oil*